Our preoccupation for the quality, the compliance of the deadlines and the counsel with the professionals have made of Dental Tecnic the dental lab with more projection and ability of production in Mallorca and the one with the ability to give full service out of its natural environment.

I. Investigation and Development

We invest constantly in new techniques as the computer-aided design and innovative biocompatible materials, that go from Titanium to Zirconium, to obtain products with an excellent quality and with an obvious reduction of time.

IV. Professional development

We bet on professional development of each component of Dental Tecnic.

II. Quality

Dedicated to quality, based on the use of last generation materials and techniques by normalised protocols of working.

V. Periods

Our working protocols establish the times for the dental lab to offer the best solutions to our clients in the agreed times.

III. Work

We do not only work for odontology professionals, we work with them, listening to their needs and advices, establishing an open and participatory communication.

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Located in Palma de Mallorca in modern facilities of more than 500 squared metres, thirty certified professionals trained in last techniques and material treatments, nowadays, provide local clinics and some from the rest of Spain. They guarantee that the finished products arrive always at time to their clients.