Course: Aesthetics of translucid and super-translucid zirconium.

The aim of the course is to give to the members the useful information about the features of the material and how to get a great aesthetic result.

The course is divided in two parts:

A theoretical phase about the knowledge of the material and a second phase of practise in which each course member will effect the coloring using the technique and the color in the ZIR pre-sintered (crudd material). The next day, after the sintering we will continue with the characterisation of the colors of the post-sintering and the final glazed.


Theoretical Training


Practical Training


Colloquium with professionals


Technic aspects of the material

Zirconia: features, properties and choice.

1 Design

Handling raw phase, threedimensionality.

Characterisation 1

Infiltration, how and with which colors.

Characterisation 2

Treatment of the post sinterin , colorant and/or stratification.

Characterisation 3

Mechanical polishing and glazed.

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